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Manchester One Of The Worst For DIY Disasters

People looking for the best orangeries Manchester has to offer may be considering a spot of DIY this over the bank holiday weekend. Many people tackle the DIY to-do list when they have a couple of days off, and the good weather forecast over the next couple of days means that thousands of people will […]

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Daily Mail’s Top Moneymaking Home Improvements

If you’re planning home improvements, you need to think about what will add most value to your home including the best double glazing Manchester has to offer. When it comes to selling your home, you want to make sure you’ve done all you can to maximise its value. Here’s the Daily Mail’s list of the top […]

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Little girl washing a window. Kids clean the house. Children help at home. Toddler kid cleaning windows and doors standing on a ladder. Child helping with housework holding sponge and soap bottle.

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Windows

There is definitely a feeling of spring in the air, which provides the prompt many of us need to do a thorough clean of our homes. While you’re hoovering, dusting and scrubbing the interior of your property, spare a thought for your windows. Speaking to USA Today, Becky Rapinchuk, founder of lifestyle website Clean Mama, […]

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conservatory orangery

5 Furniture Ideas For Decorating A Conservatory Or Orangery

Once you’ve had your Cheshire orangeries constructed, the fun can really begin! Is there anything more exciting than doing a bit of shopping and really transforming an empty space into a liveable room where you want to spend all your time? Of course, these days we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to home furnishings […]

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interior view of lobby with beautiful windows

4 Ideas To Add Personality To Your Windows

In your home, windows are the connection between you and the outside world. They enable you to see landscapes such as your garden, neighbourhood, and much more depending on where you live. Most people prefer double glazed windows as they help reduce noise levels which is especially important if you live close to the city […]

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Home For Sale Sign in Front of Beautiful New Home

Tips To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Whether you’re hoping to sell your property this year, or are planning to rent it out, the following tips could help you get a better price for it. The London Economic has highlighted a number of projects that can boost the value of a house, from replacing the bathroom to adding a conservatory. In fact, […]

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Smiling young woman gardener in striped apron standing in orangery

Orangery Or Conservatory: What’s The Difference?

You could be forgiven for thinking that an orangery and a conservatory are the same thing, but there are a few key differences. If you look at the history of the two structures, it’s easier to understand why. As their name suggests, orangeries were originally constructed to aid the growth of citrus plants in colder […]

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5 Famous Conservatories To Inspire Your Own Designs

If you’re thinking of having Cheshire conservatories added to your home at the moment, you certainly shouldn’t rush into the decision. There’s an awful lot to think about and lots of choices to make, so doing some research will always be a good idea. And it can be a lot of fun if you spend […]

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7 Life Hacks For Solving Draughty Windows

Nothing lasts forever, sadly not even your double glazing, and there might well come a time when you’re sat in the living room with the family enjoying each other’s company in front of your favourite film and you suddenly feel a cold chill creeping down your neck. It sounds like you might have a draught! […]

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How To Secure Your Home In A Storm

Storm Doris may have passed us by but we’re sure to have terrible weather again in the near future. After all, summer’s on the way! It’s important that you know what to do to protect your house if a storm is raging overhead so here are some top tips to help you do just that. […]

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