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Hooded burglar breaking into a home with a crowbar

Former Burglars Offer Tips On Home Security

There can be a spike in burglary rates during the summer in the UK, because more people are out and about enjoying the sunny weather, and more of us tend to go away on holiday at this time of the year. Home security is something that should be on your mind though, regardless of whether […]

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Construction Worker Installing New Windows In House

How Best To Add Value To Your Home This Year

Sinking a bit of cash into your home is a brilliant way of investing for the future – depending on the kind of home improvements you decide to go for, that is. Henry Pryor, a property expert who appears on programmes like Radio 4’s Today and BBC Breakfast to talk shop on a regular basis, […]

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MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 04, 2013: Castlefield, an inner city conservation area, Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Manchester Soars Up ‘Family Living Index’

Cities are not traditionally considered the best place to raise a family, but while those looking to do so are still having cities in droves, some are opening new doors of opportunity in cities such as Manchester, Bath and Newcastle. If you’re not ready to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind, Money […]

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A garden shed in a well manicured garden.

Make Sure You Lock Your Garden Sheds!

Now that the weather is improving day by day, you should make sure that you put your belongings away at the end of each day and that they’re locked away securely in your shed… or you could find yourself the victim of a crime. And with new research from M&S Bank showing that the contents […]

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Worker in the background installing new three pane wooden windows in an old wooden house with a new window in the foreground. Home renovation sustainable living energy efficiency concept.

Opt For Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

If you’re thinking of making some improvements to your property but are unsure where it’s best to spend your money, you should look at the options that will help boost your home’s energy efficiency. An article in the Press Herald recently pointed out that, with energy costs rising, it makes sense to look at ways […]

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Mixed race couple looking at houses to buy

What To Look At When Viewing A Property To Buy

Buying a house can be a very stressful time, particularly if homebuyers are putting all their savings into the purchase and do not want to make a poor investment on their hard-earned cash. That is why it is important to have eagle eyes when viewing a property for the first time. Here are just a […]

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conservatories tameside

How Conservatory Design Is Changing

If you want to add some more space to your home a conservatory is still a great option, but homeowners are taking a different approach to the design of these extensions than in the past it has been revealed. Speaking to the Express, Carol Peatt, of West Wales Property Finders, explained that many of their […]

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