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Govt Urged To Offer Low Interest Loans For Eco Home Improvements

More energy efficient home improvements could be made around the UK if the government offers people low interest loans to make changes to their properties in this regard. This could well include hiring Stockport double glazing experts to ensure that all windows are as eco-friendly as possible.

ResPublica, a think-tank based in Westminster, has advised the government to consider taking such action in a new report, recommending the step in response to the news that the Green Deal funding is set to be axed.

The group also suggested that people who do take action to ensure that their homes are as eco-friendly as possible are rewarded by paying less in stamp duty, with other recommendations including setting up designated Warm Home Zones to help target those areas that are less energy efficient and have poor health outcomes.

“Consumers need help to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This report outlines workable ways to help homeowners take control of improving the energy efficiency of their homes,” director of ResPublica Phillip Blond said.

Double glazing can really help to boost the eco-friendly profile of your home. Figures from the Centre for Sustainable Energy indicate that the typical house loses ten per cent of its heat through the windows and doors, so if you’re yet to have double glazing installed it could certainly yield positive results if you decide it’s the right way to go.

Look out for low emissivity glass as this is the most energy-efficient option. Talk to your choice of double glazing specialist today to find out more.


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