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How To Create A Scented Patio

Renovating a home is an exciting time and if you’ve recently done up your garden and have had the best patio doors Cheshire suppliers have to offer newly installed, now’s the time to think about making the outside of your house as beautiful as the inside. How? With a scented patio, of course.

There’s no better place in your house to grow scented plants because if there’s one part of the home you’re sure to properly relax and unwind in when the weather is nice, it’s the garden. As such, it’s essential that you think about your favourite smells and how they complement one another before you invest in any potting plants.

Planting climbing roses and honeysuckle could be a lovely idea as you’ll be able to smell them as you walk past, but don’t forget to place a few aromatic plants at ground level as well to really create a beautiful-smelling garden you’ll never want to leave.

Aside from perfumery, another wonderful addition to any patio garden would be something along the lines of a dwarf patio apple like Malus Gala Red Spur or Malus Braeburn. Not only do these look absolutely stunning, but you’ll get great pleasure from growing your own fruit and being able to pop outside to pick a delicious apple right from your own garden. What could be better?

If you want your patio garden to really stand out from the crowd and impress your friends and family every time they come over, this could well be the way to do it.


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