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3 Décor Ideas For Sliding Glass Doors

While we’ve noticed a trend for sliding glass doors receding, replaced by the best quality bi fold doors Chester has to offer, they’re still a popular option for a patio. However, not everyone always knows the best way to dress them. We’ve seen some clever ideas in our time, so here’s a handful to get you thinking about décor ideas for your own house.

Sliding Screens

Much like the doors themselves, screens that run on a series of tracks are a great way to dress a sliding glass patio door. The screens can be all stacked on in front of the other when you want as much light as possible coming in, but also be spread out to completely cover the windows. These screens are usually made from lightweight fabric, so can easily incorporate pattern and colour, or even use an opaque white fabric to filter the light into the room.

Pleated Blinds

While roller blinds and venetian blinds can work just as well, there’s something inspiring about how smart a pleated blind looks in a living room when on a large scale. You’ll still have all the functionality and are able to lower it when you need a little privacy from the outside world too.

Room Dividers

Another clever way to dress a sliding glass door is to use a freestanding room divider. This idea is great for unusual shape windows if you’re struggling to come up with a good solution to dress them, and is very affordable too. Simply fold away when you don’t want to cover the doors – it’ll still look great in the corner of a room – and spread out to cover in the evening. This idea works better in rooms with lots of space, but as it’s not permanent, it’s easy to try out first.


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