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Top Ways To Keep Heat In During Autumn

Autumn has definitely arrived this month, after several blissful weeks of lovely summer weather in the UK. But while we’re busy digging out our winter coats and wellies, we should also start thinking about ways to warm up our homes without spending a fortune.

Indeed, it has been tempting this week to turn the heating on for the first time in months to combat the bitter cold winds outside. However, those who are looking to save money on their heating bills might be interested in other ways to keep warm.


– Double glazing

Making your home more energy-efficient is the key to trapping hot air in your property, and preventing those energy bills from spiralling out of control.

Investing in double-glazing in Cheshire is one of the most effective ways of controlling loss of heat in your home, and you’ll instantly feel the difference once you replace all your windows.

That is why it was one of the most popular home improvement jobs carried out in the last five years, according to a recent survey by GoCompare Home Insurance, with 21 per cent of people updating their windows since 2013.


– Insulating the house

Making sure you have as much insulation in the property as possible is also a good idea.

The government has run its Healthy Home scheme over the last few years enabling homeowners, private renters and those in social housing to benefit from free cavity wall insulation, giving them the chance to save on their energy bills.

They might also be able to qualify for between 50 and 100 per cent of the cost of loft insulation. Even if you already have insulation, it might be old and ineffective, so you could be eligible for better-quality lagging.

However, this scheme is coming to an end after September, after which you will have to pay for your insulation. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the imitative while it doesn’t cost you anything.


– Upgrading boiler

If you find your house just simply isn’t warming up as quickly or effectively as you’d like, it might be time to get a new boiler. These need to be replaced every 15 years or so, particularly if they have not been serviced regularly during this time.

When you buy a new boiler, you’ll see how much more efficient they are compared with older models, so even if yours isn’t broken, it might be worth upgrading it anyway.

According to GoCompare’s findings, this opinion was shared by a quarter of homeowners, as 25 per cent have installed a new boiler or central heating system in their homes over the last five years.


– Act now

Whatever you do, it is worth taking action before winter hits. Energy bills have risen so much over the last year, the government has introduced the Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Act, enforcing a temporary limit on standard variable tariffs and fixed-term default tariffs.

It hopes that this will help 11 million households in the UK save an average of £75 on their energy deals.

You should also do as much as you can to reduce the bills yourself, so you don’t find yourself in a tricky financial situation next year.


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