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Tackling Home Energy Efficiency Vital To Fight Climate Change

Making our homes and businesses more energy efficient is one of the best ways to combat climate change, a Conservative MP has suggested.

Politics Home reported on the comments made by Rebecca Pow, MP for Taunton Deane, at a fringe event sponsored by Calor Gas.

She acknowledged that there have been significant steps forwards, but that many homes in rural areas are lagging behind. “In the old stock there is a lot of draughty houses, a lot are not on the gas grid. There is a great deal of work to do in that area,” she stated.

Ms Pow explained that there are multiple ways in which we can make a difference through our properties, such as wasting less energy and looking for ways to make our energy usage more efficient.

She also stressed that it’s not only down to consumers making energy efficient choices and changes where their properties are concerned, but also for the government to support companies that are developing innovative technologies to improve the energy efficiency of our homes.

“It would help us green our homes, help us use less energy, help us waste less energy and in the end help us pay less for our energy. So it’s a win, win, win as far as I’m concerned,” Ms Pow concluded.

Earlier this month, the Independent highlighted some of the top ways in which to save energy as the nights draw in and the weather gets colder.

One of the top pieces of advice is to use this opportunity to adjust your thermostat lower. While you might think that sounds counterintuitive as we move into the colder months of the year, figures from the Energy Saving Trust suggest that lowering your thermostat by one degree C could net you annual savings of ten per cent off your heating bill.

However, the newspaper notes that you shouldn’t have your heating set lower than 18 degrees C. But if you start with it at 20 degrees, instead of 21 for instance, you can gradually acclimatise now.

This is also the time to carry out a winter MOT on your property. Check the gutters and make sure they’re clear and take a look at the exterior of your home to ensure there’s no damage to brickwork or tiles that will need fixing.

Draught proofing your property is another logical step to take – especially if it’s an older building. If you find that you’re losing a lot of heat through your windows, now could be the ideal time to invest in new double glazing in Tameside.

As well as saving you around £20 a year on your heating bills, it also “makes a home feel cosier so there’s an immediate comfort payoff”, the newspaper stated.

If you feel as though you’ve already done the most common tips, you may want to get some ideas from low-carbon homes in your area. Green Open Homes is an organisation that arranges for people to visit energy-efficient, low-carbon homes in their area to get some inspiration on what other changes they could make.


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