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FMB: Allow 7 Months To Plan For Home Improvements

Thinking of adding an orangery to your Stockport home? Make sure you give yourself enough time to get the project completed, if that’s the case… and new research suggests that seven months is the amount of time required in order to see a successful renovation project through to fruition.

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) study has revealed that it will take seven months for an extension to be finished, six-and-a-half months for a loft conversion, five months to paint the interiors of your house, five months for a new bathroom, five months for a new kitchen, five months to convert part of the master bedroom into an ensuite, five months to turn your cupboard under the stairs into a downstairs WC and just under five months to remove internal walls for the creation of an open plan kitchen.

Why so? Because you’ll have to wait at least four months for a quality builder to become available before the work can even begin and you’ve then got to factor in how long it will take to complete the actual job itself.

Chief executive of the FMB Brian Berry suggested that homeowners looking to complete an extension before Christmas this year should get in touch with tradesmen for quotes by May at the latest. And if you want a new kitchen by the time summer begins, you should be getting in touch with builders right now.

“A successful building project requires careful planning and our research gives clear guidance to consumers on likely timelines. Not only do homeowners need to consider how long a project takes to complete, they also need to remember how long they should expect to wait for a quality builder to be available to get going on their project.

“If homeowners want to work with a good builder, they should be expecting to wait at least four months and as a general rule, the larger the project, the longer the wait. When looking to appoint a builder, alarm bells should ring if they say they can start next week,” Mr Berry went on to say.

Top tips for choosing a quality builder


Talk to friends and family members to find out who did work on their houses. You can also use the FMB’s Find A Builder service to see who operates in your local area.

Seek numerous quotes

Always get at least three quotes so you can see what prices are like. Don’t just go for the cheapest one – always check the breakdown of costs before you contract a company.

Read reviews

Go online to read company reviews or perhaps even pop round to some of the trader’s previous jobs to see what the work’s like and chat to the homeowners involved. Reputable firms should be more than happy to let you know what they’ve achieved.


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