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Conservatories: A Top Way To Add Space To Your Home

If you feel as though you never quite have enough space in your home, you might want to look into your options when it comes to home improvement projects for the new year. Although your first thoughts might be about a loft conversion or an extension, one newspaper recently suggested that homeowners should also consider […]

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Second Steppers Struggling To Move Up The Ladder

The majority of those who already own their own home say they’re finding it harder to actually move up the property ladder than to take that first initial step onto it, with new research revealing this to be true for 60 per cent of so-called Second Steppers. The Lloyds Bank study showed that over one […]

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What To Tell Your Trader When Doing Home Improvements

Whatever kind of renovation project you have in mind, whether it’s new orangeries at your Tameside home or simply an upgrade of your double glazing, do make sure that you take the time to sit down and have a proper chat with the professional tradesmen you’ve hired to get the job done. A new Which? […]

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8 Top Security Tips For Your New Conservatory

Those of you having conservatories built at your Tameside home should start thinking about how you’re going to ensure that it’s as secure as the rest of your house – important since there’s a lot of glass involved in the construction of these living spaces, which can mean they’re relatively vulnerable to break-ins. First of […]

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Fixer-Uppers Could Help You Get On The Property Ladder!

First-time buyers struggling to take that first all-important step onto the property ladder could find it easier to achieve if they decide to go for a property in need of serious renovation. New research from Direct Line Home Insurance has revealed that some houses – those that need major structural work carried out – can […]

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Elm Street

Houses On Elm Street Struggle To Sell!

If you’ve been finding it a little bit tricky to sell your house, take a look at the street it’s on – the name said street could actually be what the problem is. New research from online estate agents House Simple has found that 57 per cent of the 79 Elm Streets that exist in […]

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London Homeowners The Worst At Searching For Energy Deals

Most homeowners are aware that the best way to save money on energy bills is to regularly shop around to find a good deal. However, new research has found that not everyone is efficient at making sure they continue to find the cheapest offers, particularly those living in London.   Londoners – Least Likely To […]

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Tackling Home Energy Efficiency Vital To Fight Climate Change

Making our homes and businesses more energy efficient is one of the best ways to combat climate change, a Conservative MP has suggested. Politics Home reported on the comments made by Rebecca Pow, MP for Taunton Deane, at a fringe event sponsored by Calor Gas. She acknowledged that there have been significant steps forwards, but […]

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Top Ways To Keep Heat In During Autumn

Autumn has definitely arrived this month, after several blissful weeks of lovely summer weather in the UK. But while we’re busy digging out our winter coats and wellies, we should also start thinking about ways to warm up our homes without spending a fortune. Indeed, it has been tempting this week to turn the heating […]

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