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Why Bi-Fold Doors Are Growing In Popularity

A few years ago, houses up and down the country all had sliding doors leading out on to their patios, but recently these have been swapped for a classy, elegant new design, keeping bi-fold door fitters in Cheshire and the rest of the country busy.

There are so many types of doors you can choose for your house that it can sometimes feel overwhelming, but increasingly homeowners are picking bi-fold doors for the number of benefits they offer. Here are just a few:

1)      Access to greater space

If you have a room that is short on space – such as a utility room or closet – you will appreciate the advantage of being able to open the door fully so you can see inside. With a standard passage door, you are restricted with what you can access, as anything behind them is hidden once the door is opened.

Interior designer Sheila Rich spoke to about bi-fold doors, saying: “Doors are so much more than dividers between spaces – they need to have the right look and function for each space in your home.”

2)      Allow more light in

Another reason why they’re popular is they enable far more light to flood the room when used as a patio door. As they allow the entire wall to be made of glass and they run on tracks on the floor, it enables rooms to appear far brighter and more spacious.

3)      Enjoy the outside from indoors

In addition to letting a greater amount of light in, bi-fold doors allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space more fully. As there is less distinction between indoors and outside, residents can sit in their kitchen or conservatory and take in the view of their gardens even in colder weather. Perfect for a British summertime!


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