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Conservatory Furniture: Why Choose Wicker?

Opting for the best provider of conservatories Tameside has to offer is just the first step of your journey to extend and improve your home, but there’s no harm at all in starting to think about what you’re going to use your new space for, and how you’re going to decorate it.

There are many ways to furnish a conservatory – both traditional and contemporary – and there are some key ideas to consider when furniture shopping for yours.

You may fancy popping a brand new sofa into the conservatory for a comfortable spot to sit, but first you need to consider the effect of the sun on your furniture. Unless you are opting for blinds that you intend to be closed most of the time when the conservatory is not in use, you may find that over the course of the years, the sun will bleach the colour out of fabrics left in direct light. This will leave you sofa faded – not ideal for a large, likely expensive purchase.

That’s one of the reasons wicker furniture is favoured for conservatories. For one, it’s relatively inexpensive, while it’s often naturally light colour makes it less vulnerable to the sun’s fading effect. To make this furniture, you can opt for pieces with cushions, which are easy to cover with throws and blankets, as well as throw pillows, which can easily and cheaply be replaced.

Wicker furniture also adds to the sense that your space blends both into your house and your garden, giving the room an al fresco feel. For many people, conservatories offer light and warmth even when it might be a little too cold to sit out in the garden, so this idea for furniture is perfect.


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