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Households ‘Could Save £260’ By Switching Energy Provider

Homeowners have been told they could save a considerable amount of money on their fuel bills by switching energy provider

While insulation and Cheshire double glazing are two ways households can cut down on how much they spend heating their homes during the winter, MoneySuperMarket has revealed changing to another energy company could save as much as £264.

Energy expert at MoneySuperMarket Stephen Murray said: “It is worth bill payers spending time now to ensure they are on the best value deal, before reaching for the thermostat.”

This advice comes ahead of the big ‘switch on’, when most households tend to turn on their heating. Last year, this date fell on October 31st, just six weeks away.

However, Mr Murray recognised it has been a “seasonably cold September” and weather forecasts predict record low temperatures this year, making it even more important for homeowners to switch sooner.

He also advised making simple changes to the home to save heat escaping and spending unnecessarily on energy.

Among his tips were to turn electrical appliances off standby, not put the heating on in rooms that are not used, wash clothes at 30C instead of 40C, buy energy-efficient household appliances, have a shower instead of a bath, and switch light bulbs with energy-saving ones.

Households can also replace their windows with double-glazed ones, which can save heat from being lost.

According to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, ten per cent of a property’s heat typically escapes through doors and windows, and double-glazing can help prevent this.


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