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4 Million Brits Convert Garage Into Living Space

Property conversions are on the rise, as 3.9 million Britons have converted their garage into living spaces over the last 20 years.

This is according to Sainsbury’s Bank, which reported a huge number of homeowners have transformed their garages to create extra living space – the same reason why so many choose to hire experts to build conservatories in Manchester.

Sainsbury’s Bank revealed 26 per cent of those who converted their garage opted to transform it into a workshop, while office space followed close behind at 20 per cent. Thirteen per cent created extra bedrooms, while seven per cent made playrooms out of their outdoor storage.

Several converted their garage to provide extensions to their home, with 16 per cent enlarging their kitchens or living rooms by knocking down their garage.

If you are thinking about converting down your garage, loft or cellar, you might be in for a windfall, as has revealed seven per cent of homeowners have found items in their attic thought to be worth £1,000 or more.

As many as 19 per cent said their previous tenants left something in the attic, with the average value of these items being £348. Typical belongings found include stamp collections, first edition books and old football programmes.


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