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What Are The Benefits Of An Orangery?

Many homeowners often want to know what the advantages are to purchasing orangeries in Stockport and whether they differ from the benefits that conservatories can provide.

Orangeries and conservatories are very similar – as we’ve written about before on the blog – but there are a number of differences worth nothing. Nevertheless, most of the reasons for buying a conservatory also often apply to orangeries. These include:

They boost property values

As orangeries can vary in size dramatically, it’s difficult to put a price on how much value they add to the average home. However, extensions typically make properties more attractive to buyers and drive the asking price up.

They blend in with the house

One of the main differences between orangeries and conservatories are that the former often use similar materials to the rest of the home in an attempt to better camouflage the extension. This can make the property look less disjointed.

You can grow your own fruit and veg …

As the name suggests, orangeries were originally used to allow affluent homeowners the opportunity to grow citrus plants on their property. The huge windows and abundance of natural light in today’s orangeries means this is still an option for those with green fingers.

Increase natural light

Most orangeries don’t have as much natural light as a conservatory, but they still have multiple double glazed windows, so they’re usually brighter than any other room in the house. This feature makes them a great place to set up a study or reading room.


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