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Small Kitchen Room Interior

Crafty Ideas To Fit A Kitchen Into A Small Space

Homeowners who aren’t blessed with a lot of kitchen space might be wondering how they’re going to practice their baking hobby or whip up dinner parties for their friends, which is why our ideas on how to maximise space when installing a kitchen could be just what you need.

– Use bi fold doors

When you’ve got a small kitchen, you don’t want to waste storage space or make the area cramped when people come in and out of the room with standard doors. Instead, hire bi fold doors Cheshire experts to install space-saving doors, so you can easily open them entirely. These allow the kitchen to effortlessly extend into the garden and give the illusion of more space during the summertime.

– Declutter recycling bins

These days, you may have four recycling bins or more, which can all take up a lot of space if kept separately. Why not install a recycling bin cupboard with each compartment neatly fitted into the pull-out unit? This way you can access all your bins easily, while hiding away your rubbish out of sight.

– Wall storage

If you don’t have much cupboard space, fear not, as you can make the most of any available wall space to store your kitchen items. You could add magnetic strips to your tiles to hold your knives, for instance, or fit shelves on the side of your end units to hold your recipe books.

For some, hanging their saucepans from the ceiling might be an option – so long as they can still reach them!


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