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November To See Energy Bills Rise By £150

Energy bills could increase by as much as £150 this month if homeowners do not take action and shop around for better tariffs or invest in double-glazing in Manchester.

November 30th marks the end of 11 fixed-rate dual fuel tariffs, after which customers will be rolled on to the provider’s variable rate. This could see their bills rise by as much as 16 per cent or £149.48 a year, according to findings from Energy.

Among the energy suppliers with tariffs coming to an end this month are British Gas, Npower, Scottish Power, Sainsbury’s Energy and Extra Energy among others.

Energy spokesperson for Energy Tom Lewis said: “With so many competitive fixed tariffs available at the moment, if you’ve been with your existing energy supplier for a year or more, then it’s unlikely you’re getting the best possible deal.”

He went on to say that comparing tariffs could save £291 annually, as 51 per cent of customers who switched supplier between April 1st and June 30th 2015 with accrued savings of nearly £300.

Another way to save on fuel bills is to invest in double glazing, with the Energy Saving Trust stating that a detached home in the UK can save £160 a year by swapping their windows for more energy-efficient ones.


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