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Check Your Double Glazing – Winter Is Coming!

Keeping energy bills to a minimum is a must for homeowners around the UK as winter sets in – so check that your Worsley double glazing is up to scratch and doesn’t need replacing, or you could see your money disappear as the warmth escapes through your windows. figures have just revealed that gas bills look set to climb by 6.2 per cent this year as people struggle to stay warm during the winter months, which equates to a £46 hike per household in the UK.

“El Nino is set to cause a winter of financial discontent for British consumers. The increased use of gas to heat homes will put a large dent in consumer finances,” head of energy with the company James Padmore said.

This weekend promises to be one of the coldest in November ever, with forecasters now predicting that freezing winds coming in from the Arctic will bring heavy snow with them and see temperatures drop to a chilly -11 degrees C.

If you haven’t already put your heating on (as many haven’t, given how unseasonably warm autumn has been thus far), it might be wise to consider putting it on just for this weekend and then seeing what happens after that.

Those of you who are vulnerable and susceptible to the flu – such as older people, children and anyone with an underlying health condition – would do well to bundle up and keep as warm as possible.

Get in touch with us here at Malbern Windows if you need to have your windows checked for any problems before the cold weather hits.


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