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£49.50 Paid Per Month ‘On Domestic Help’

A new survey has revealed that the average Brit spends £49.50 on domestic help, with 46 per cent of households opting to pay someone else to help them do everyday chores like car and window cleaning.

In fact, the study found that window cleaning is the most popular job to ask someone else to do, with the top ten made up of car cleaning, grocery deliveries, painting and decorating or basic DIY, gardening, household cleaning, laundry or ironing, cooking, childcare and walking the dog.

In all, 76 per cent of those asked said that they feel as though they don’t have the time to do everything they want to, with 35 per cent saying they don’t know where the time goes. A quarter of survey respondents admitted they feel too busy looking after their family and their house, 22 per cent said their working hours are too long and 18 per cent said they already have a lot to do in their spare time.

People were also asked about what they’d love to do more of if they had more time, with hobbies, travelling and relaxing coming top of the list.

Here at Malbern Windows, we’re not surprised that window cleaning headed the list of chores that other people are hired to do. It’s a big job and can often require specialist equipment. If you do decide to invest in UPVC windows from Worsley supplier Malbern Windows, it would be advisable to get someone in to help you keep them in peak condition so they last for as long as possible.


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