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How To Protect Your Windows In A Storm

Storm Desmond may have passed us by but homeowners shouldn’t relax just yet, as the Met Office is now saying that more rain and wind is definitely coming our way in the next week or so. You need to make sure that the windows in your Tameside house are properly protected – here’s how best to batten down the hatches.

Storm panels

To minimise the damage to your windows, it’s advisable to use storm panels or shutters to cover your windows and doors. You can use plywood, metal, fabric or plastic so have a think and decide what would be best for you and your home. Plastic or fabric is a good idea as they’re easy to put up and take down again.

Secure loose objects

If you know a storm is brewing, go around your house to see if there are any loose objects in the garden or elsewhere. Secure ladders or garden furniture and either put items in the shed or bring them indoors. Gates and garages should be properly fastened – and park your cars in the garage.

Protect yourself

Don’t forget about yourself, even if you are busy protecting your double-glazed windows. Never go outside in a storm unless you can help it, stay away from boundary walls and fences as these may come down on top of you and don’t head out to repair any damage. Wait until the storm is over before you go into the garden to assess any damage that may have been sustained.


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