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How To Have A Home Detox

Once the stress, indulgence and expense of Christmas is out the way, a lot of people seek to detox – whether that be food or sorting all those niggling jobs out in your home such as installing the best double glazing Worsley has to offer.

While we’re not ones to stick to a ‘juice cleanse’ longer than a day, we can certainly help when it comes to achieving some of what you want your home to be in 2016. Here are our tips on how to have a home detox to start the coming year right.

List Out The Big Jobs

If there are some time and money-intensive tasks on your list for improving your home for the new year, such as getting a new orangery or conservatory, start by writing out a wish list. Once you’ve completed that, then put it in order of what’s the most important to you. Finally look at your finances – this three stage plan will really help you consider what’s realistic for the coming year.

Clean Up Your Home

Those little jobs that pile up during the busy winter months are a great way to get house proud again in 2016. Repaint those white walls that have been scraped by dining room chairs and clean those windows ready to welcome a lighter and brighter spring into your home.

Get Green Fingers

It might not be so glamorous in the winter months, but you’ve neglected your garden for long enough. Get that lawn trimmed back and tidy up the hedges, ready to start to enjoy a less rainy season – well, hopefully anyway!


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