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Tenants Now Have Rights To Energy Efficiency Upgrades

One of the best reasons to seek out the top double glazing Cheshire has to offer is not only for making your home look much better, but also to help it remain as energy efficient as possible. The importance placed on energy efficiency in homes is definitely rising, among not just homeowners, but tenants in rental properties too.

Now, new rules have come into force that should allow tenants to push forward with changes to make their rented homes more efficient, saving them money in heating bills in the process. The change will make landlords unable to withhold consent for energy efficiency upgrades without good reason, however, only if tenants can ensure improvements are funded with no cost to the landlord.

In the past, this would have been much easier, as it was expected that the Green Deal (which shut down last July) would have funded most instances of this initiative.

However, now the Government is trying to convince both landlords and tenants these upgrades are a good idea for all parties, as well as for the environment.

According to research reported on What Mortgage, 35 per cent of rental tenants considered energy efficiency to be an important decision in choosing their property, so improvements made by landlords would make their properties more attractive.

Lower fuel bills and avoiding rental horrors like draughty windows may also ensure tenants stay longer in the property, meaning less void times and loss of income for landlords too – so consider new pvc windows as an investment in your properties long-term earning potential.


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