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Houses On Elm Street Struggle To Sell!

If you’ve been finding it a little bit tricky to sell your house, take a look at the street it’s on – the name said street could actually be what the problem is.

New research from online estate agents House Simple has found that 57 per cent of the 79 Elm Streets that exist in the UK have seen no property sales since October 31st last year – and perhaps Halloween has a lot to answer for in this regard, according to Property Reporter.

Even more spooky than that, it was also found that there have been 666 property sales on Elm Streets around the UK and as we all know, 666 features in the book of Revelation, which reads: “Let the one with the understanding reckon the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666”.

If you do live on Elm Street and you want to sell up and move on, you may also find that your address has an impact on the value of your home as well. Land Registry figures show that average property prices for houses on an Elm Street are 18 per cent lower than the UK average.

Chief executive of the online estate agents Alex Gosling had this to say on the matter: “It sounds like a horror movie sequel, but for hundreds of homeowners, the curse of Elm Street could actually be a grim reality. No sales since last Halloween on more than half the 79 Elm Streets we found suggests there’s more going on than subsidence to scare buyers away.”

This got us here at Malbern Windows to thinking – what other odd reasons are there out there as to why properties don’t sell, or perhaps go for less than they’re actually worth?

Research published last year by Zoopla found houses with the number 13 (unlucky for many) are typically £8,974 cheaper than the average property in the UK. Not only that but 24 per cent of prospective house buyers would expect that a house at number 13 would have a lower asking price and 30 per cent would actively avoid buying a home at number 13.

Of course, if you’re in the market to buy a home this knowledge could prove particularly useful if you’re searching for a bargain… if no one wants to buy number 13, you could end up bagging yourself a real bargain.

Those of you trying to sell a number 13 property would be well served by making sure the interior and exterior of the house is inviting and well kept so people have less reason to dislike it. Upgrading certain features and adding in the likes of orangeries at your Cheshire property could prove particularly fruitful… so have a look around to see what improvements could be made that would yield the most bang for your buck.


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