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How Many DIY Projects Are You Tackling?

With the new year here, it’s understandable that many of us will be taking stock and trying to decide what (if anything) we want to change about our properties in 2019.

For some, it could be time for a big renovation, like fitting conservatories in Manchester, but for others it might be about getting some of those small jobs done.

In fact, research carried out on behalf of retailer B&Q recently found that the average Brit has 16 DIY projects on the go at any one time. What’s more, the survey revealed that 60 per cent of homeowners are constantly trying to improve their property.

When it comes to which rooms need the most attention, the kitchen was a clear winner. Almost one-quarter of those questioned said that this space is the one that’s most in need of a revamp in their home.

One-fifth want to update their appliances, while one in six revealed that they need to re-do the tiling in the kitchen. A further 14 per cent said that they’d like to introduce an “on-trend colour” to the walls.

Interestingly, 84 per cent of those surveyed said that they believe doing little jobs around the home can have a big impact on their living space.

But if we think that completing DIY tasks can make such a big difference, why does the average household have 16 outstanding jobs on the go? 36 per cent of those questioned said that a lack of time was the reason they hadn’t completed DIY jobs, while 15 per cent said that they weren’t confident in their abilities to carry out even minor home improvements.

One catalyst that can make people get on with some of their DIY tasks is friends coming over though, with the B&Q survey revealing that just over one-quarter (26 per cent) of us would make the effort to do those little DIY jobs and spruce up our homes if we were hosting an event or in a bid to impress certain people.

Top jobs that fall under this category include touching up paintwork, cleaning stained walls, replacing light fittings and re-plastering.

Another thing that could prompt us to get on with our home improvements is if they add value to the property. 30 per cent of those surveyed said that this would encourage them to get stuck into more DIY.

While it’s not a small project that you can tackle yourself, adding a conservatory to your property could add up to £15,000 to its value, according to a recent article for Gloucestershire Live.

The news provider noted that conservatories can be an excellent way to add space to your home, because they are less disruptive than the likes of loft conversions and they can act as a great transition between your garden and home.

Reporting on the B&Q survey, Ideal Home also noted that 10 per cent of people are put off from doing home improvements because of the cost. However, the publication pointed out that January is the perfect time of year to get stuck in because of all the discounts available on all manner of products.



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