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What About Turning Your Conservatory Into A Christmas Grotto?

Christmas is a really magical time of year, especially if you’re young and still believe in Father Christmas… but sadly, there are some children out there who don’t get to experience the wonder of the festive season because they’re too ill to travel far.

If that’s a familiar story for you and your family, why don’t you take a little leaf out of the book of this wonderful mum who transformed her conservatory at home into a winter wonderland for her five-year-old daughter who was born with numerous serious illnesses.

According to the BBC, a hospice had arranged for Erin Sadler to go and see a mini Lapland but she was simply too ill to make the journey, having had 50 blood transfusions this year. So her mother decided to make use of her extension and reimagine the wintery scene for her in her very own home, complete with polar bears and a castle.

Helen Sadler told the news source: “None of us know how long we have but when you have a list of progressive and life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, you know that you really need to make every day special.”

A conservatory makes for the perfect place to turn your home into a magical winter wonderland as it’s often a space in the house that doesn’t always have a designated use. If you’d like to do something similar for your own children this year, take a look at this article on the sheknows website that has suggested doing a Frozen theme for it – which your kids are sure to love.

We particularly love the addition of a white tepee and faux sheepskin rugs, decked out beautifully in fairy lights. Your little ones will absolutely love spending night after night tucked up in there during the festive season, reading books, drinking hot chocolate and having the time of their lives. The only trouble may well be once January rolls around and you have to take the decorations down – you may well find you have a fight on your hands!

You could even get the kids involved in the decorating themselves and start a few arts and crafts projects, like cutting snowflakes out of paper to hang up here and there. The sheknows site also suggested hanging big marshmallows up on long threads as garlands – which not only look beautiful but taste divine as well. You may want to supervise the children so they don’t end up running around the house because of a serious sugar overload, however.

We’d love to hear how you’re decorating your extensions for Christmas this year so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Manchester conservatories company Malbern Windows today.


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