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Could A Conservatory Add Value To Your Home?

We’re over a month into the new year and it’s understandable that as we start to see the first signs of spring many of us are coming out of our winter lethargy and looking for ways in which to improve our moods and our homes.

That means now could be the ideal time to start thinking about making changes to your property ahead of the warmer weather, but what projects should you be focusing on?

If you’re looking for a way to add value to your home while giving you some more space for relaxing in, it’s worth investing in conservatories in Stockport.

A recent article for the Yorkshire Post shared the top ways to add value to your home, according to the experts behind the Build It Live home renovation and self-build show, which is coming to Manchester later this month.

They highlighted a high-quality conservatory as a way to boost the value of your home by between four and five per cent, citing figures from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

However, they cautioned that it’s worth spending a bit more to make sure that the conservatory and its installation are of the best quality, because adding a poor-quality conservatory could have the opposite effect and knock value off your home.

Separate garden buildings that can be used as a home office, playroom or somewhere for your hobbies are also a good investment, the news provider revealed.

Making improvements to the energy performance of your home might not be the most glamorous project, but it’s one that could also see you boost its value. Installing new double glazing, fitting solar panels to the roof, or installing heat pumps can all make a home more appealing and raise its value.

Extending your property is another good way to increase how much you’re able to sell your home for. The things to consider here are that the extension is in proportion with the rest of your home, and in keeping with its design.

According to Nationwide, a well-thought out extension can add up to 12 per cent to the market value of a property.

If you’re thinking of undertaking one of these larger-scale projects this year, it’s worth remembering that not only can the work take a while to complete, but that you may also have to wait for a high-quality builder to become available.

Last month research from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) recommended that homeowners plan ahead when organising a home improvement project, because they should expect to have to wait for high-quality tradesmen.

For instance, it can take up to seven months to get a completed extension, when you take the notice period required by tradesmen into account, as well as the length of the build itself.

Meanwhile, five months is the typical time it takes to fit a new kitchen or bathroom, or to paint the entire interior of the average home.

Whatever kind of home improvement project you’re thinking of undertaking, it’s sensible to plan ahead so that you can budget effectively, as well as to allow time for the work to be completed.


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