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April Is National Home Improvement Month!

Those of you who’ve been mulling over the idea of doing some renovation work on your property might want to get started with the conservatories in their Stockport homes right now – since April is National Home Improvement Month!

The idea behind the campaign is to encourage people to refurbish one room of their house over the month to make sure that they really love the property that they live in. Prizes are even available for the very best home improvement transformation, so you’d better get on the phone to your professional and experienced conservatory installation company as quick as you can if you want to win.

As with everything these days, there’s a hashtag you can follow on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (#MakeOneChange) so you can see what other people are up to and maybe even find some inspiration for your own interior design decisions. Looking at lots of different home decor ideas is always a wise move when redecorating, as you’ll very quickly realise what you do and do not like.

Research carried out on behalf of the campaign shows that just 31 per cent of people actually feel love for their homes, while ten per cent are embarrassed and nine per cent are ashamed. Even worse than that, perhaps – three per cent say they’re actually scared of their home!

If you want to renovate in order to increase the value of your home, some jobs will achieve this better than others. Double glazing, for example, will really help in this regard, as well as keeping you warmer during the winter and protecting your home from leaks when it rains. It also adds another layer of insulation, which will help keep outside noise where it belongs – outside.

Modifying your existing space is also another excellent way of increasing the value of your house, so it’s worth sitting down to work out just how you can go about this. Maximum value will be achieved by improving your more public spaces like the dining room, kitchen and living areas. Don’t be afraid to remove walls or add them in as required in order to achieve the optimum layout for your home.

Combining the dining room and the kitchen is a great move as multifunctional living spaces are hugely popular at the moment. If you’re planning on selling your home at any point, this kind of renovation project could help facilitate that sale and get you the price you want for your house.

A conservatory is also another brilliant calling card for those looking to add value and sell their home at some point in the near future. This is a big decision and an even bigger project, however, so not one to enter into lightly.

Remember that your living spaces will be taken over for a few weeks for the job to be finished – but don’t forget as well that you’ll be left with an incredible end product once the work has come to an end, a beautiful new living space for the entire family to enjoy.


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